John Lennon sang on the White Album of the Beatles; “Your inside is out, when your outside is in” to express the paradox of the oneness free from illusion of a multidimensional world. The German mathematician and astronomer- theoretician A. F. Möbius discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, that something with two sides can have one surface: the möbius ring. The inside is the outside when one joins the two short ends together with a twist into a ring – think of the cyclic of time; visualize by joining the frontside to the backside. Isn’t it amazing?


The möbius ring is a popular pattern used by knitters to create scarves and wraps into wonderful fashion accessories out of yarn. I thought the same idea could be achieved by using double faced fabrics such as Yukon fleece. Both sides of the fabric are identical and raw edges do not fray.

The shoulder shawl, similar like the one above designed by Judy Scott of Mountain Color Yarns, can be easily made from a rectangle of two-ply polar fleece. No pattern is needed.

  1. Start with a rectangle (ABCD) approx. 20″ long x 60″ wide.
  2. Give the rectangle a half twist.
  3. Align the short ends so that they overlap and A matches D and B matches C.
  4. Stitch through the overlapped layers and trim closely to the stitching.