tee twist

Turn a plain T-shirt into a high fashion wrap top, lickety-split.

Wrapping is a big component of this summer’s fashion look. If you have a plain cotton T-shirt, you can have a hot fashion item in no time.

STEP 1 Cut up center front to within 5cm (2 in.) of armhole. tee 1

STEP 2 Fold in half along center back and center front. Cut a diagonal line as shown in diagram. Cut removed section in half along center back fold line to create two ties.

tee 2

STEP 3 With right sides together, stitch short edges of one tie diagonally across bottom of one point at bottom front of T-shirt . Repeat with second tie.

tee 3

STEP 4 Zigzag-stitch all raw edges; turn under 1.5 cm (5/8 in.); topstitch. tee 4

To wear, cross ties at the front, wrap around to the back and secure in a snug knot.twist 2