Smocked Wrap

You will need:

  • approx. 5 yds. of 45-inch wide satin or iridescent fabric
  • matching thread

To begin, straighten cut ends of fabric so that it is a right angle (90°) to the selvedge of the cloth. This can be achieved by drawing a crosswise thread or fraying the cut edge. Cut the crosswise edge straight.

cutting plan

Fold the cut edge to align with the selvedge edge from bottom to top. This with create the true bias line. Mark with chalk.

Repeat step 1 and 2 on opposite end of cloth, from top to bottom. The two triangles will be the front and back of the wrap.

With the remaining fabric, mark 9 bias strips (14.5 inches wide) parallel to one another, following the true bias (see diagram). This is the ruffle. Cut fabric along all chalk lines.

To assemble the ruffle, join each strip to one another at the short ends. Fold the long bias trim strip in half lengthwise, with wrong sides facing, and run a gathering stitch along the raw edges.

To assemble ruffled trim with body, begin by rounding the pointed ends of each triangle.(a saucer makes a perfect template). Then baste gathered ruffle to right side of the fabric, aligning all raw edges, along the perimeter of one of the triangles. Stitch gathered trim into place.

To complete the wrap, place the second triangle with right sides facing to the trimmed body piece (the trim will be sandwiched between each body piece) aligning all raw edges. Pin and baste together. Stitch around the perimeter, following the previous row of stitching, allowing a 4″ opening along one straight edge. Turn right side out and slipstitch opening closed.running stitch

To create the smocked effect, handstitch several running stitches in a circular shape throughout the body portion in a random pattern. (see diagram)

Draw up on each running stitch to gather up fabric and tie off. Hide loose ends of thread by sinking it into wrong side of fabric.