An exotic twist on the classic wrap dress, this deliciously flattering style is designed for drapey, fluid fabrics like silky jersey, luscious rayon or lightweight cottons. The dress has a below-knee length half-circle wrap skirt, and features a gathered neckband on a halter tie. This great wrap-around is sure to become a staple of your wardrobe – it’s your go-to style for dressy daywear or a low-key evening outfit on the town.  The dress is easy to make, requiring only two pattern pieces, and no fitting is required.

You will need:

  • 2 ¾ yds. of fashion fabric, 45″ wide
  • Coordinating thread
  • 60″ drawcord
  • Kraft paper


Begin by taking a square sheet of paper and folding one corner to its opposite corner at 45 degrees.

On the folded edge, mark a point X. (see fig. 1)


From X measure 10-inch intervals to a maximum of 60 inches.

Square a line across the paper at each point.

Divide the distance between X and 10″ mark is half. Square across.

On this line, measure 5″.

At the 20″ mark, measure 1/4 of hip measurement. Label this point A.

At the 30″ mark, measure 30″.

Join X to this point with a straight line passing through A.

Join the 60″ mark to this last point at the 30″ interval.


On the 10″ mark, measure 5″. Square down to the 20″ interval.

From this intersection, measure 10″. Label this point B.

Join the point at the 10″ interval to point B.

Square down from point B to the bottom line.

Cut the line at the 5″ interval.

Open the draft and trace onto a new sheet of paper. This is the FRONT.

Re-fold the draft and cut out the solid heavy line beginning at the 10″ interval. This is the BACK.

CUTTING (see diagram for cutting marker)

Cut front 1X

Cut back 1X

Cut along selvedge fabric strip for front ties. Cut in half (2 ties).

Cut along width of remaining fabric, 2 fabric strips for back ties.

Fabric tie strips = 3″ wide.


On all edges press under 1/4″.

Turn all edges 1/2″ except for tops and stitch down. Miter at corners.

Along each top edge, turn under 1″ and stitch to create a casing.

Press under 1/4″ along the long edges of the fabric strips and one short edge.

Fold strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Stitch along open edge. Press. Stitch along folded edge.

At notch A and B sew on a waist tie.


Insert drawcord through back casing and front casing to gather neckline. Tie over one shoulder and adjust the slack of the cord based on where the waist ties are positioned on the body.

Wrap back around body and tie in front.

Wrap front over back and crisscross tie straps around waist and draw fullness in close to body. Tie ends with a bow.