Featured: Ray camie by Hengst

Romantic and feminine, this piece is a perfect layering piece and makes a statement on its own as well. Made from a heavenly blend of hemp and silk this camisole by Hengst has a beautiful drape and a flirty fit while incorporating delicate spaghetti straps and a softly gathered neck edge.

You will need:

  • 5/8 yd. of fashion fabric, 45″ wide
  • 2 yds. of  thin rouleau or thin ribbon
  • Coordinating thread


Bust measurement: measure just under arms around fullest part of chest.

Back waist length measurement: measure from nape of neck to waistline



Fold fabric in half with right sides together and align selvedges. Pin/baste selvedges.

Chalk out rectangle as illustrated based on your measurements. Cut on chalked outline to yield 2 pieces.


  1. On each piece, turn in each armsyce ¼” twice to the wrong side of the fabric to create a narrow double-rolled hem. Press. Topstitch.
  2. Do a seam finish on the side seams to neaten the raw edges. (I used  pinking shears).
  3. On one piece, fold in half lengthwise to locate its center. Mark with chalk. From the top edge, measure down 5″. Mark with chalk. Draw a dart ½” on either side of the center mark. Staystitch the “dart” shape.
  4. Carefully cut the center of the dart. Roll back the cut edge and create a ¼” double rolled edge. Slipstitch the rolled edge. This will be the centerfront slit of the camisole.
  5. On front and back pieces, turn the top edge under 1/4″. Press. Turn ½” to make a casing. Topstitch.
  6. With right sides together, layer front on top of back and pin/baste side seams. Stitch using a ½” seam allowance. Press seam open.
  7. Turn bottom edge under ¼” and fold again ½” to create a hemline. Pin /baste hem. Topstitch.
  8. Thread rouleau or ribbon through the back casing and from the armhole, through the front casing to the center slit. Tie ends in a bow.