twelve-by-twelve-vest-belt-mystical-forestFeatured: Forever 21 belt from Twelve By Twelve

A unique and eye-catching haberdashery “vest-style” belt to make.

You will need:

  • ½ yd. [0.5 m] of fashion fabric, 45″ [115 cm] wide
  • ¼ yd. [0.25 m] of fusible interfacing, 45″ [115 cm] wide
  • Covered button kit, 10 mm diameter/line 16
  • Coordinating thread



1 square = 1 inch [2.5 cm]

Note: Add seam allowance.

Lengthen/shorten the waistline of the belt at CB fold.


belt1Belt – cut 2X on fold

Belt Interfacing – cut 1X on fold

Welt – cut 1X

Welt Facing – cut 1X


  1. Iron fusible interfacing to wrong side of OUTER belt section, following manufacturer’s direction.
  2. Make 4 – 3/8″ (10 mm) covered buttons [line 16] following manufacturer’s directions.
  3. For a single welt on the belt, you will need a welt piece and a facing piece. The welt strip should be 2 ½ ” (6 cm) deep [ 3/4″ (2 cm) finished] and 1 ¼” (3 cm) longer than welt placement line. The facing piece should be twice as wide as the welt and 1 ¼ ” (3 cm) longer than placement line. Interface the facing piece. Transfer all placement markings to the welt, the facing, and the OUTER belt section.
  4. With wrong sides together, fold the welt piece in half lengthwise. Baste the raw edges together. On the right side of the garment, position the welt with the raw edges aligned with the centre of the placement line and the folded edge extending beyond the bottom of the placement line. Pin and baste in place along placement line of welt on the surface of the left hand side of the belt section.
  5. Place facing piece, right side face down over area above placement line. Stitch along marked placement line being careful not to touch top and side edges of welt in seam. Cut along centre of the placement line, ending ¼ ” (7 mm) from ends, being careful not to cut through welt strip. Turn raw edges to inside with welt strip centre in opening.
  6. bbh-1c3Fold back the belt to expose the seam allowance at the upper edge of the opening. Matching raw edges and with right sides together, centre facing piece over the seam allowance. Sew in place. From right side of belt piece, fold back welt opening to expose small triangular pieces and welt of pocket. Stitch along welt side seamlines, catching small triangles in seam. Stitch across bottom of welt opening catching the facing portion to close the opening. Trim seam allowance and clean-finish edges.
  7. With wrong sides together, layer the two belt sections  together and match up raw edges. Pin/baste the perimeter. Machine stitch around the belt, leaving a 5″ (13 cm) opening to turnout. Grade seam allowances and trim corners. Turn belt right side out. Press edges flat.
  8. On right hand side of belt face, thread-mark 4 – 1/2″ (1.25 cm) buttonholes. Stitch buttonholes. Hand-stitch the covered buttons to the left front of the belt.