_5555502-tunicFeatured: Nordstrom Metallic Print Tunic

Bias-cut one-shouldered tunic is fashioned with a single batwing sleeve and angled hemline .

You will need:

  • approx. 2 yds. [2m] of fashion fabric, 45″[115cm] wide. *
  • coordinating thread
  • Kraft paper

* allow extra yardage to match a one-way or printed fabric.


This pattern is drafted by height. The body proportion is made up of 8 heads.

Your height divided by 8.

eg. for a person 5 foot 4 inches: 64″/8 = 8 or 163/8 = 20.4

1 head amount = 8 inches or 20.4 cm.


tunicMake a perfect square equal to 1 head amount.

Use a set-square to draw a 90 degree angle on the Kraft paper.

Set up a grid using the square as shown:

1st row : A,B,C

2nd row: D, E

3rd row: F, G

4th row: – , H

Point 1 is left midpoint on square D.

Point 2 is bottom left corner of square F.

Point 3 is top midpoint on square B.

Point 4 is top right corner of square C.

Join points 1 and 3 and join points 2 and 4, with a straight line.

Point 5 is bottom right corner of square H.

Point 6 is right midpoint of square C.

Join points 5 and 6 with a straight line.

Point 7 is intersection point of lines.

Draw a ½-inch [1.25 cm] facing parallel to lines 1-3, 4-6, and 5-7.

Line 2-4 is the grainline.

NOTE: Add seam allowance around perimeter of pattern piece. (thick solid line)


Cut 2X self.     Note: Flip pattern to cut back section.


  1. With RIGHT sides together, match raw edges of front and back pieces. Pin/baste between 1-2, 3-4, and 6-7. Stitch seams and press open.
  2. Turn under facing ½” [1.25 cm] at neck and on sleeve opening and hem.
  3. Turn under slit facings between 5 and 7 and stitch down. Then, hem bottom of tunic.