The trendy fox styles of winter headwear are ideal for coldest weather and make a great fashion statement of you.

You will need:

  • ¾ yd. of faux fox fur, 60″wide
  • ¾ yd. of velveteen, 40″ wide
  • 3 yds. of twill tape, ½” wide
  • ¾ yd. of grosgrain ribbon, 1″ wide
  • ½ yd. of Kasha lining, 45″ wide
  • Heavy-duty thread


Head Measurement – measure around the head over the ears.


Note: Add ¼ inch seam allowance to perimeter of cap pattern piece.


Cap – cut 6X on bias grain in velveteen. (one-way nap)

Cap lining – cut 6X on bias grain in kasha lining.

Fox trim** – cut 1X on straight grain in faux fur. (one-way pile)

Sweatband – cut 1X in grosgrain ribbon.

**note: do not cut fur trim with scissors. Cut the backing of the faux fur with an x-acto knife or safety razor blade then gently pull apart the excess material away.


  1. Take the fur trim and butt short ends together, with right sides facing. Push all hairs of trim to the fur side along the short end. Whipstitch the short ends together with small even hand-stitches using heavy-duty thread.
  2. On top and bottom edges of fur trim, whipstitch twill tape to edges on the fur side. (fig. 4) Keep hairs on fur side and under the twill tape.
  3. Turn tape to backside of fur trim and catch in place with long zig-zag stitches. (fig. 5 & 6)
  4. Turn fox trim right side out and comb fur in one direction.
  5. Pin/baste 3 cap pieces together, with right sides facing. Machine-stitch seams. Press seams open. Repeat on remaining 3 pieces. (fig. 1)
  6. Layer the pair together, with right sides together and pin/baste together. Machine stitch from front to back to create cap. (fig. 2) Turn cap shell right side out. (fig. 3)
  7. Repeat above procedures to make up cap lining. Set aside.
  8. With wrong side of fur trim to right side of cap, slipstitch fur trim to cap, leaving 1″ free along bottom edge of cap.
  9. With wrong sides together, drop cap lining into cap and match up seams. Baste lining to outer shell along bottom edge of cap.
  10. Sew grosgrain ribbon to bottom edge on right side of cap to catch both layers of fabric. Fold back raw end to neaten at centerback.
  11. Turn sweatband up inside of hat and tack at centerback.