Featured: Burberry

Two of a kind – a fringed scarf with two handsome options. A sleek satin side and a warm wooly side.

You will need:

  • 2 yds. of wool fabric, 54″ wide
  • 2 yds. of printed satin fabric, 45″ wide
  • 1 yd. [0.9 m] of Stitch Witchery® bonding web, ½” wide
  • Coordinating thread


woolStraighten the fabric edge you want to fringe.

Cut a rectangle shape 72″ X 16″ from the wool fabric.

On the 2 short ends of the rectangle, pull a thread yarn across the fabric at the “depth” line. (1″ wide or as you desire). Use this line as a guide for running small machine stitches to secure the fringe.

To create the fringe, clip every 2-3″ perpendicular to the edge, up to but not through, the stitching or the perpendicular threads (these will be part of the fringe). Complete the fringe by pulling away all the threads below the stitching (I used a straight pin) as shown.


Cut a rectangle shape 73″ X 16″.

On the 2 short ends, turn ½” under and press.


Layer the fabrics, with right sides together, matching the folded ends of the satin to the “depth” line of the wool fringe. Sew the two long edges of the rectangle. Press seams open.

Turn right side out. Press along the long seams.

Sandwich a 15″ strip of the bonding web between the fabric layers at each short end. Press to fuse the opening close following manufacturer’s direction.

(TIP: Use a presscloth whenever fusing fabric.)