coccoon shrug2Saks Fifth Avenue features this season’s trendy cover up, the shrug by Vince. The shrug pattern is an ideal project with which to experiment with fashion design for several reasons — it is knitted or sewn in one piece, there is minimal finishing, it is easy to wear, and relatively quick to make. The Vince version is an angora knit but can be made up in any stretch fabric. Try mohair, stretch velvet, or double knit. Plus, these shrug patterns are easy to adjust. For instance, this basic shrug pattern is relatively snug and feature elbow-length sleeves. If you want to make longer or shorter sleeves or make the back larger, adding or subtracting length is easy. Wear it belted like the model.


Cuff-to-cuff: 45 ½ (46 ½, 47 ½)”

Width at back: 16 ½ (17 ½, 18 ½)”

Top-to-hem: 21 (22 ½, 24)”

NOTE: The greatest stretch of the knit fabric runs around the girth of the body (usually the crosswise grain from selvedge to selvedge). Most stretch fabrics are available in 60″ widths. You’ll need about 2/3 yds. (65 cm).

Measure a rectangle 21″ by 45½” (length X width) for a size SMALL. (Use the measurements above for MEDIUM or LARGE.)

Measure 14½” in from each short end of the rectangle and mark as A,B,C, & D according to the diagram.

Measure 4½ inches down from the top & up from the bottom of each long end of the rectangle and mark as E, F, G, & H.


Measure 2½ inches down from A, B & up from C, D. Mark as I, J, K & L.







With a ruler, draw a line from E to K, F to I, G to L and H to J.

Blend a gentle arc between AF, BH, CE, & DG.

Cut along these 4 lines.

Fold fabric with right sides together. Pin points E to F, A to C, B to D & G to H.

Sew ½” seam allowances along edges  A to F and B to H, leaving an opening between AB & CD to form the “body” portion. Turn right side out.

Turn in raw edges at cuffs and body opening by 1″ and hem. Add a large hook & eye as a closure at waist level.