cashmere cape

This is a very easy ruana to create. Select a wool or cashmere blend fashion fabric where both sides of the fabric look good. You will love the feel and look of this comfortable wrap – make it very warm and soft. Similar ruanas in department stores can cost as much as $100. or more. It measures 36 inches as it hangs from your shoulders to your knees. Each panel in front is 22 inches wide and across the back it is 44 inches in width.

It has a 4 inch (10 cm) fringe at each short edge.

Begin by purchasing 2 yds. (1.85 m) length of loosely woven 54″ (137 cm) wide fashion fabric (plain weaves are best).

Square up the two cut ends of your fabric to create a 72″ rectangle. This can be done by drawing the crosswise yarns across the short ends. Fray each short end about 4″ (10 cm). The frayed edges may be trimmed if necessary. Machine-stitch with matching thread across top of the frayed area. This will create a fringe. (A)cape layout2

Next step is to fold the fabric along its length so that both selvedge edges align. Measure 32″ (81 cm) from one frayed edge, along the fold and slash to that point. (B)

Cut 4″ (10 cm) from each selvedge edge along its length.

Machine-stitch a narrow double-rolled hem (eg. turn in ¼” then turn ¼” again) along the slashed opening and along each of the selvedge edges. (C)

Voila! …your stylish ruana wrap is ready!